Oklahoma Corporation Commission Jobs

Applicants not currently employed by the State of Oklahoma or who do not have reinstatement rights to re-employment with the State of Oklahoma will be required to apply through the Human Capital Management, 2101 N. Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105.  Contact HCM at (405) 521-2171, or visit their website to apply online at http://www.jobaps.com/ok/.

Applicants who are current state employees or who have reinstatement rights may apply through the Human Capital Management internal job postings website at http://www.jobaps.com/OK/promo.asp

Mailing Address

Oklahoma Corporation Commission
PO Box 52000 (Room 230)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73152-2000
(405) 521-3596
(405) 522-3658 (fax)

Merit Status

  • Classified (C)
  • Unclassified (U)
  • Temporary (T)

To apply for a temporary or unclassified job follow the instructions on the posting

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C Docket Clerk, E15A Aug 14, 2015 Aug 20, 2015 $26,000
U Pipeline Safety/Regulation Specialist, 1618 (Pipeline Safety Inspector) Aug 21, 2015 September 4, 2015 $57,704
U Public Utility Auditor, 7238 Aug 20, 2015 Sep 19, 2015 $42,000-52,500
U Attorney III, 7222 Aug 20, 2015 Sep 8, 2015 $52,907-57,000
U Executive Director (Director of Administration)