Web Document Imaging FAQ Page

Call the OCC helpdesk at 405-521-3636 for questions.

How often will the Images be updated?


When I search, I do not get any images.

We are updating examples for searching, try different variations on the search, instead of typing a 2 enter a 02, or instead of N1E4 enter N01E04.  You may also want to try a basic search of the first few letters of a name instead of the "who" name (Example: Jo instead of Johnathon).

Is this All of the Corporation Commission images?

No, in some cases they are held for Homeland security reasons, in other cases they have not been scanned.  This is a test system, we will add images daily.  A list of dates will be placed on the website.

How do I save the Images to my Computer?

Right Click the image ID, Choose save as and save to your PC.

I do a search and nothing happens, what am I supposed to see?

Scroll down in your browser, the results are listed under the search button.

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