Commercial Trailers

What is a commercial trailer? A commercial trailer is any trailer or semitrailer used for business or commercial purposes.

Must commercial trailers be tagged? Yes.

How do you register a commercial trailer? Contact the Transportation Division for fleet registration and titling. You may also register and title commercial trailers through the Corporation Commission's Cashier, through the Oklahoma Tax Commission, or through a Motor License Agent (tag agent).

If your unregistered commercial trailer is traveling within or through Oklahoma only temporarily, you may purchase a 72-hour commercial vehicle registration trip permit.

For other types of trailer registration, you can find information here.

What kind of tag is issued? A license plate is issued. For some types of commercial trailers, a non-expiring license plate will be issued.

What is the cost? Commercial trailer fleet registration and processing fees total $48 for the first year and $6 for each subsequent year for each commercial trailer.

How can you obtain more information? To learn more, contact the Transportation Division.