Oklahoma Corporation Commissioners & Staff
Bob Anthony Commissioner (405) 521-2261 Bob.Anthony@occ.ok.gov
Matt Mullins Aide to Commissioner (405) 521-2823 Matt.Mullins@occ.ok.gov
Jackie Hollinhead Executive Assistant to Commissioner (405) 521-2261 Jackie.Hollinhead@occ.ok.gov
Todd Hiett Commissioner (405) 521-2264 ContactToddHiett@occ.ok.gov
Nicole King Legal Advisor to Commissioner (405) 521-2824 Nicole.King@occ.ok.gov
Jana Slatton Administrative Director to Commissioner (405) 521-2264 Jana.Slatton@occ.ok.gov
Dana Murphy Commissioner (405) 521-2267   ContactDanaMurphy@occ.ok.gov
Kenneth Tillotson Legal Advisor to Commissioner (405) 521-2822 Kenneth.Tillotson@occ.ok.gov
Erica O'Neal Executive Assistant to Commissioner (405) 521-2267 Erica.O'Neal@occ.ok.gov

If you are represented by an attorney in a matter before the Commission, it is a violation of the Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct for a Commission lawyer to speak with you about your case without your attorney being present. Please contact your legal counsel.

Oklahoma Corporation Commission attorneys are prohibited from providing legal advice to non-OCC employees concerning any matter that is or may come before the Commission, but may answer general questions about Commission rules and procedures.