Administration Contacts

Bob Anthony Commissioner (405)521-2261
Joe Briley Aide to Commissioner (405)521-2261
Jackie Hollinhead Assistant to Commissioner (405)521-2261
Todd Hiett Commissioner (405)521-2264
Nicole King Aide to Commissioner (405)521-2824
Jana Slatton Assistant to Commissioner (405)521-2264
Dana Murphy Commissioner (405)521-2267
Teryl Williams Aide to Commissioner (405)521-2822
Joyce Boyd Assistant to Commissioner (405)521-2267
Tim Rhodes Director of Administration (405)521-2307
Joyce Conner APO/Assistant to Director of Administration (405)521-2307
Glenda Buchanan Utility Complaints Manager (405)521-2331 Internal 1-4114
Jim Nelson Director of Human Resources (405)522-2217
Peggy Mitchell Commission Secretary (405)521-2422
Holly George Director of Finance (405)522-2045
Cheryl Fitzgerald Mineral Owners Escrow Account Manager (405)521-4499
Lakeesha Sirls Chief Purchasing Officer (405)522-2048
Matt Skinner Public Information Manager (405)521-4180