Kingfisher District Office

picture of gas tanks

101 S 6th St
Kingfisher, OK 73750
405-375-5570 Office
405-375-5576 Fax

Oklahoma Counties Served by District II

Alfalfa Beaver Blaine Canadian
Cimarron Custer Dewey Ellis
Garfield Grant Harper Kingfisher
Logan Major Oklahoma Roger Mills
Texas Woods Woodward

District II Staff

Name Title Area
Brad Ice District Manager Kingfisher Office
Kim Baustert Administrative Programs Officer Kingfisher Office
Lora Baker Administrative Programs Officer Kingfisher Office
Wayne Hendricks Field Supervisor (S/2) Kingfisher Office
Gary Matli Field Supervisor (N/2) Kingfisher Office
Chris Lutrell Environmental Coordinator
Bob Ballhorn Field Inspector Canadian County
Jeff Blevins Field Inspector Logan County
Jeff Crooks Field Inspector Ellis, 25N-26N of Harper, and 21W-22W of Woodward Counties
Tucker Duke Field Inspector Dewey and 17W-20W of Woodward Counties
Charlie Goodwin Field Inspector (Safety Specialist) 17N-20N of Blaine and Major Counties
Wayne Hendricks Supervisor S/2
Mark Huber Field Inspector (Safety Specialist) 13N-16N of Blaine and Custer Counties
Kyle Ivey Field Inspector Roger Mills County
Richard Kersey Field Inspector Cimarron and Texas Counties
Chuck Kordis Field Inspector Kingfisher County
Justin Mathis Field Inspector Oklahoma County
Gary Matli Supervisor N/2
Tim McReynolds Field Inspector Garfield and Grant Counties
Brandon Murry Field Inspector Alfalfa and Woods Counties
Jeromy Webb Field Inspector Beaver and 27N-29N of Harper Counties