Pollution Abatement/Underground Injection Control Department

The mission of the Pollution Abatement Department is to assure protection of the water and soil resources by providing equitable regulation and enforcement of sound waste management and remediation practices for the domestic oil and gas industry and associated surface and mineral owners.

Pollution Abatement Environmental Guidance

Salt Water Disposal Records

Old Well Flood Units

Pollution Abatement/Underground Injection (PA/UIC)
Department Contacts

Name Title Room Phone
Tim Baker Director of Oil & Gas Division
Acting Manager of Pollution
255 405-521-2240
Mike Moore Commercial Soil Farm/Pit Abatement 208 405-522-2761
Patricia Downey Manager of UIC 203 405-522-2745
Debora Curry UIC Administrative Assistant/1015/1012A 201 405-522-2769
Jim Phelps UIC Compliance/MITs/1072/1073I 201 405-521-2242
Van Nguyen Area of Review, Case Review Engineer 213 405-522-2749
Mark Haden Area of Review, Case Review Engineer 203 405-522-2735
Butch Will UIC Area of Review/Case Review Engineer 203 405-522-5799
Ron Clymer UIC Volume Reports 215 405-521-4125
Jeff Myers Brownfields Manager 205 405-522-2764
Madeline Dillner Brownfields/GIS 205 405-522-2750
Fax Number 405-522-0399
Herman Terry Hydrologist/PA Case Review District 1 918-697-1576
Chris Lutrell Hydrologist/PA Case Review District 2 405-514-8962
Shawn Coslett Hydrologist/PA Case Review District 3 580-736-4900
Wes May Hydrologist/PA Case Review District 4 580-320-3839