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How Do I Find Contractors and Testers to Work on Our Pumps or Equipment?

The OCC has listings of OCC-licensed installers, removers and environmental consultants for those repairs or activities that require use of a licensed contractor.  PSTD does not license testers, however, all personnel performing tank and line testing must have the required education, experience, knowledge and competence to correctly perform testing services in accordance with the testing equipment, manufacturer certification, and applicable industry standards or codes.  There are many individuals and companies that provide the various services needed for petroleum storage tank systems.  Consider contacting your fuel distributor or other gas station or convenience store owners for testing company references.  PSTD cannot recommend or endorse any provider, however, some organizations provide a free directory of certified people on their website:


National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE)

Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI)

American Petroleum Institute (API)