Oklahoma Corporation Commission Public Utility Division

Distributed Generation

A public meeting was held by Commissioner Dana Murphy September 11, 2014, to prepare for and discuss Senate Bill 1456 that becomes effective November 1, 2014, by gathering information and input about distributed generation. Commissioner Murphy asked the Staff of the Public Utility Division (PUD) to make information submitted at or after the meeting accessible via the links below.

The Commission invites interested persons to provide suggestions for a “Checklist” of required data and/or information that should be included in all tariff applications filed at the Commission in conjunction with Senate Bill 1456. The due date for this information is January 30, 2015. This information will be reviewed and considered for inclusion in a master checklist that will be posted on the Commission webpage. In addition, the Public Utility Division will use this checklist as a guideline in its review of distributed generation tariff applications.


Senate Bill 1456    Governor's Executive Order 2014-07