Annual Report of Operations

Reports are due annually on April 1st

Pursuant to OAC 165:55-3-22(a), OAC 165:56-7-4(a), OAC 165:57-5-23(a) and OAC 165:58-3-22(a), the Annual Report of Operations is due not later April 1st every year.*

The new format, including instructions, for the Telecommunications Annual Report of Operations to be used for reporting 2019 operations is available below.

This new format is proposed to replace the previous version of the Annual Report utilized for reporting 2018 (and earlier) operations.  Additionally, this new format includes reporting for the PUD Fee Assessment and will replace the previously separate PUD Fee Assessment data request.

Please direct any questions you may have about this new format to and


Pursuant to OAC 165:55-3-22(g), it is the responsibility of each company to update their company information, to include an accurate e-mail address, with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. You may send updated information to

 *Companies that are non-compliant with the requirement to file an annual report are in danger of having their Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) revoked in Oklahoma.