Oklahoma Annual Report of
Regulated Telecommunication Carriers

Reports are due annually on May 1st

Pursuant to OAC 165:55-3-22(a), the Annual Report of Telecommunication Carriers is due on May 1st every year.

Notification letters are e-mailed to companies in March each year. These letters contain the password and log-in instructions for accessing the report.  It is expected that this allows companies ample time to collect and remit their data. 

If your company has not received a notification letter by the end of March, please request your letter at Telecom@occ.ok.gov.

If the company information on file at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) is incorrect, your company may not receive a notification letter.  Pursuant to OAC 165:55-3-22(g), it is the responsibility of each company to update their company information, to include an accurate e-mail address, with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. You may send updated information to  Telecom@occ.ok.gov.


The Online Annual Report can be found at the following link: Annual Report


After logging in with the provided credentials, click on the "Show Menu" button and begin on the “NoRevenue” schedule first.  Either print the affidavit and "Submit" for No Revenues or, if the Company has Oklahoma revenues to report, press "Continue" at the top of that page.  Pressing “Continue” will bring up the Schedules for the company.

Upon completion of the online annual report, please e-mail the notarized affidavit to  Telecom@occ.ok.gov.

*Companies that are non-compliant with the requirement to file an annual report are in danger of having their Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) revoked in Oklahoma.