Regulated Telecommunications

The Corporation Commission has limited regulatory oversight of telephone companies in Oklahoma. The Public Utility Division oversees the Oklahoma Universal Service Fund which assists in the provision of special services to Oklahoma's schools and medical facilities. The division also reviews applications for new carriers that wish to offer certain services within the state.

405 Area Code Exhaust - PUD 201800086

Report a telephone utility operating outside OCC regulations.

Telecommunications - Notice of Inquiry - PUD 201800066

Annual Report of Operations and PUD Fee Assessment

Telecommunications Annual Report of Operations and PUD Fee Assessment due April 1, 2020

Information Related to Telecommunication Companies

Notice of CCN Applications



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*Cessation of Business in Oklahoma - PUD Form COB

This form is to be used only by those Companies that no longer do business in the State of Oklahoma and would like to cancel their Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN).  *This form should not be used if the Company currently serves Oklahoma customers.


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