Annual Special Overload Permit (Variance Permit)

Notice: The Oklahoma Corporation Commission will continue to issue Variance Permits through October 31, 2015. Senate Bill 638 (2015) moves these permits to the Department of Public Safety effective November 1, 2015.

What is an Annual Special Overload Permit (Variance Permit)? An Annual Special Overload Permit (Variance Permit) is an annual permit that allows a commercial motor vehicle to exceed its legal gross weight or axle configuration when carrying certain cargo off-interstate (not on the national highway system).

Who must obtain a Variance Permit? Operators of commercial motor vehicles who wish to carry legally specified commodities in excess of the vehicle's legal gross weight or axle configuration must obtain a Variance Permit. Commercial motor vehicles must be registered for the maximum allowable rate (up to 90,000 pounds.) The Variance Permit is available at a cost of $100.00 and is renewed annually.

What types of vehicles can use a Variance Permit?

  • Utility or refuse collection vehicles (15% gross variance),
  • Vehicles transporting timber, pulpwood, and chips in their natural state (5% gross variance),
  • Vehicles transporting oil field fluids, oilfield equipment, or equipment used in oil and gas well drilling or exploration (5% gross variance),
  • Vehicles transporting rock, sand, gravel, coal, and flour (5% axle variance), and
  • Vehicles transporting grain, fertilizer, cottonseed, cotton, livestock, peanuts, canola, sunflowers, soybeans, feed in bulk, any other raw agricultural products, and any other unprocessed agricultural products (5% gross variance).

How do you obtain a Variance Permit? You can obtain a Variance Permit on line or from the Cashier at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. You will need to supply:

  • A copy of each vehicle's current registration (If a cab card, Oklahoma must be listed.)
  • A list of the type of commodities to be transported in each vehicle
  • Mailing address
  • Telephone number
  • $100.00 per vehicle/permit, paid using a method that Cashier can accept.

What if you need an Overweight or Overaxle Permit and you don't qualify for the Variance Permit? The Department of Public Safety issues all other types of overweight permits.

What statute discusses Variance Permits? 47 O.S. 14-109.

Where can you find rules about Overweight Permits? The Commission has adopted a proposed rule, OAC 165:30-18-1, to address Overweight Variance Permits. If finalized, this rule will go into effect around July 1, 2015. The Oklahoma Secretary of State's Office of Administrative Rules publishes an Online Code. You can find oversize and overweight permit rules set forth in OAC 595:30 and OAC 730:30-9.