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RM 201800003, Chapter 15, Fuel Inspection

RM 201800004, Chapter 16, Antifreeze

RM 201800005, Chapter 25, Underground Storage Tanks

RM 201800006, Chapter 26, Aboveground Storage Tanks

RM 201800007, Chapter 27, Indemnity Fund

RM 201800008, Chapter 29, Corrective Action of Petroleum Storage Tank Releases

RM 201800010, Chapter 35, Electric Utility Rules

RM 201800011, Chapter 40, Standard Terms of Purchases From Purchasers of 100 KW or Less

RM 201800012, Chapter 45, Gas Service Utilities

RM 201800013, Chapter 50, Fuel, Purchased Gas, and Purchased Power Adjustment Clauses

RM 201800014, Chapter 65, Water Service Utilities

RM 201800015, Chapter 55, Telecommunications Services

RM 201800016, Chapter 56, Resellers of Interexchange Telecommunications Services

RM 201800017, Chapter 57, Operator Service Providers Telecommunications Services

RM 201800018, Chapter 58, Facilitation and Provisioning of Payphone Services

RM 201800019, Chapter 59, Oklahoma Universal Service and Oklahoma Lifeline

RM 201800020, Chapter 20, Gas and Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Safety

RM 201800021, Chapter 30, Motor Carriers, Private Carriers and Transportation Network Companies

RM 201800022, Chapter 32, Railroads

RM 201900001, Chapter 5, Rules of Practice

RM 201900002, Chapter 10, Oil and Gas Conservation

Redlined Commission Rules approved in 2018